How we help

The charity was founded in the belief that ‘an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory’ and that on-the-job training provides the best learning platform.

Over the past decade our courses have enabled over 80% of our students to find employment or enter tertiary education. There is widespread celebrity endorsement for our work, with some of the world’s leading actors, performers, entrepreneurs and politicians supporting its tangible impact.

See our dedicated staff of professional teachers and photographers at work

The charity has received international media coverage. It has been featured on both BBC and ITV news, Meridian Tonight, CNN, ITV Daybreak, BBC Radio 4 as well as media outlets in South Africa and on TV throughout the world. Press coverage has been achieved in the The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph, The Mirror, The Evening Standard, Time Out, The Big Issue and many local and trade publications.

The students at work

The charity is run by actor and producer David Westhead, International Photographer John Cole and Communications Director Susan Morton. All three continue to lead the charity and are committed to its expansion, giving an opportunity to even more young people to develop the skills required to earn a living.