The benefits of The Wembley to Soweto Sustainable Teaching Model are easily quantifiable. There are far-reaching and lasting outcomes for both the young learners and the societies in which they live.

Students are able to join a global network of training opportunities and develop contacts which:

  • Nurture a young person’s self-belief, ambition and confidence
  • Ignite a passion for learning and love of photography
  • Develop their creative voice enabling them to express themselves and share stories of their communities
  • Offer unique training opportunities to develop different styles of photography
  • Offer ongoing learning support as well as exploring the potential for the trainees to become trainers themselves
  • Provide them with the tools to help them monetise their work as well as the soft skills which support them in finding employment

Gallery of our students at work

A few examples of what former students have achieved after learning with The Foundation:

Kgaugelo – Fuji Film Ambassador

Thapelo – Staff photographer, Johannesburg Star & now runs his own photography company in Johannesburg

Shoneez – Child psychologist, University of Johannesburg

Tshepang – Film-maker

Siyabonga – Scholarship student

Kasey – Photography teacher in Beijing

Tom – Freelance press photographer, working from his own London studio

Samin – Using photography to help disadvantaged young women in Baghdad

Jenny – Freelance photographer for the music industry

João Paulo – Air steward for Brazilian airline, Gol

Erika – Fashion photographer

Venicius – Community photographer for Sao Paulo football club

Jessica – Official photographer at Street Child Games (Rio, Moscow, London)

Shawdon – Film-maker with 4 million followers on YouTube

Victor – Assistant photographer at Arsenal FC and organiser at The Running Charity

Josh – Co-founder of Ambitious Academy, Elthorne Estate

Stazzy – Artist in residence, Arsenal FC

Dale – Studying photography at Hull University

Georgina – Community photographer, Leicester City FC

Karmen – Teacher with the Wembley to Soweto Foundation

What do our students say?


Age 18. Diepsloot, South Africa

Wembley to Soweto has been a great opportunity to learn how to work as a professional photographer. I love taking pictures. Everyday I’m constantly thinking about taking photos, even if I don’t have a camera with me. I want to put my heart into every picture I take and keep taking more.


Age 19. Luanda, Angola

I think my dream came true! Wembley to Soweto has been really beneficial. I’ve learned so much about how to take great pictures and how to understand light.


Age 14. Soweto, South Africa

The white policeman had a grin on his face, so I said “Hi Sir, I’m a learner photographer – can I take a picture of you?” He gave me a huge smile and said “JAAAAA!!” That was a cool one – I just thought to myself, “That whole race thing – that’s history!”


Age 17. Soweto, South Africa

I really wish and hope that Wembley to Soweto can be a big tree that grows a lot of branches to let the world know about photography and how what we experience in our everyday lives can be interpreted through pictures. I have learned that I have to persevere in terms of any hardship I come across. Instead of just sitting down and waiting for help, I need to go out there and do it myself.

João Paulo

Age 22. São Paulo, Brazil

I went from being a student with Wembley To Soweto to a mentor, to an assistant teacher to a teacher! Over 4 years I travelled around the world working with the charity. I come from a family of 10 kids in Paraisopolis favela and never thought I’d see outside my own community. Now I am an air steward with the Brazilian airline, Gol. My dreams have come true!


Age 27. Algeria, North Africa

My family doesn’t have money. Now I earn my own living and am able to support. Thank you to this amazing project.


Age 22. London, U.K

I was never keen on my teachers at school. Now I’m a teacher with Wembley To Soweto!


Age 23. Burnley, U.K.

I’d not done photography before. John and David said for us to have fun and we didn’t half have fun!


Age 19. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From trouble with drugs to photography of the Rio Olympics. Big journey for me!


Age 20. Leicester, U.K

Being pitch-side photographing Man City Ladies v Everton Ladies was the best day of my life.


Age 23. Newcastle, U.K

It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever felt part of something.


Age 23. Freetown, Sierra Leone

Being a mentor is like being a Mum and Dad. That meant a lot to me.


Age 22. Paris, France

I didn’t think the Euros football would be something for us to experience and then suddenly I was at the stadium with my photographer’s bib on!


Age 23. Baghdad, Iraq

There is nothing like this for young women in my country – but I feel I can change that now!


Age 26. Moscow, Russia

With photography you can make a difference, make things change – for yourself and others.


Age 16. El Dorado, South Africa

This is my opportunity. I’m going to grasp it with both hands.


Age 21. Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa

I like shots that have impact. I like to take pictures that show the surroundings of the society, the details of people’s lives. I don’t like snapshots – I hate those kinds of photos.