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The Wembley To Soweto/Leica Collaboration

The Foundation began its partnership with Leica in 2022. There is probably no logo as famous as the Leica red dot or cameras as prestigious as those pioneered by Leica. One of the most famous names in photography, many of the world’s most iconic photographs were, and continue to be, taken with Leica cameras.

More about our collaboration with Leica

Celebrity shoots and auction

Further celebrity portraiture sessions will be undertaken by graduates and students alike, throughout 2024. The results will be exhibited both in galleries and online. The prints will be signed by the subjects and auctioned as unique, one-off, collectors’ items in order to raise funds for the charity. Watch this space!

IMEX Exhibition Frankfurt, LA exhibition

Large-scale exhibitions of photographs from across the world will take place in Europe and the US in 2024. Frankfurt, London and LA are this year’s chosen cities in May, September and December respectively. Watch this space for venues and dates!